Plumbing & Sanitation Work

Scope Of Plumbing & Sanitation Work for Residential/ Commercial/ Hospital/ Industrial Project

  1. To calculate project water demand supported by calculations.
  2. To locate and finalize UGWT position from client and architects.
  3. To design and layout water distribution system from main UG reservoir to overhead tank showing line layout, pipe sizes and pumping system.
  4. To design terrace ring for individual buildings.
  5. To design down take water lines from overhead tank to individual toilets.
  6. To prepare internal layout of all toilets showing fixtures, supply lines and drainage lines for standard toilets.
  7. To prepare drainage line plan at ground level showing manholes, inspection chamber positions, ground level, invert level and depth of cutting.
  8. To give detailed capacity drawings of underground and overhead water supply tanks.
  9. To design and locate terrace rainwater down take lines.
  10. To suggest any new plumbing material suitable for work.
  11. To prepare storm water disposal system for entire project.
  12. To design Rain water harvesting /recharging structures as per requirement of project.
  13. To design pump requirements and give pump specifications.