Audit Work

Special Energy Audit Project for audit of MEP services

  1. Factory of M/S Shree Hair Chemicals Export Ltd.
  2. Giga Space for Plumbing Audit.
  3. Jalna Industrial Type.
  4. Sancheti Hospital.

Scope Of Audit for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, (MEP) & Boiler Work.

  1. Study of historical energy consumption and SEC (If possible) for last 12 months. For all services including Electrical ,Plumbing ,H.V.A.C. etc.
  2. Physical measurement of all MEP parameters for sufficient time.
  3. Preparing process wise energy pie-chart and understanding different processes - electrical as well as thermal, plumbing.
  4. Locating processes and equipment consuming significant electrical and thermal energy, where in material conversion takes place.
  5. Collecting present operating data of all utilities.
  6. Understanding all HVAC & Electrical systems and measure their energy consumption and prepare system wise pie chart to locate significant use and usage hierarchy.
  7. Undertake demand analysis of HVAC systems based on heat input, envelope gains and required output parameters for various areas. Calculate required capacities for chilled water pumping, AHU capacities & heat load calculation etc. Use simulation software to increase effectiveness of this analysis. Undertake physical inspection of installed equipment and it’s accessories. Based on this study, recommend modifications to save / optimize energy consumption.
  8. Undertake similar analysis for boilers and related utilities.
  9. Undertake similar study for compressed air – if energy consumption is found to be significant in this area.
  10. Study all heat transfer applications wherever feasible for energy efficiency.
  11. Effectiveness study for cooling towers and recommending associated energy saving if any.
  12. Locate processes which are difficult to alter and establish their contribution in total energy consumption.
  13. Illumination Audit of the facility and recommend energy saving alternatives.
  14. Use recorded electrical data for comments on power quality and tariff.
  15. Study of present use of renewable energy and comments if any associated with performance and reduction in energy cost.
  16. Use all above data to estimate possible savings and estimates of payback.
  17. Present the energy saving majors in LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH cost majors with maximum 2 to 3 years simple payback.
  18. Check the Present Source of Water Intake & Water Tanks (Under Ground).
  19. Check the Pumping System (Motors & Pumps), Pipeline (Under Ground / Valves / Shaft / Building Side) for total area.
  20. Check the Water Tanks (Over Ground), Present Procedure of water Management system at Level.
  21. Present Procedure of water Management system at Over Head Level.
  22. Plumbing Shaft (Of all Buildings), Pipeline of Plumbing Shaft (Of all Buildings).
  23. Water Bodies of the Property.